Did Declan Rice Cheat on Her Girlfriend Lauren Fryer? Affair Rumors Run Wild

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It is said that Lauren Fryer’s boyfriend, Declan Rice, cheats on his pretty girlfriend. He is an English football player who has hung out with beautiful women at Marquee in Las Vegas.

Rice is a soccer player who plays as a center back and a defensive midfielder. Because of this, he is a person with many sides. He is a great player who plays for both West Ham United and England. He used to play for Chelsea, but later joined West Ham.

In the current situation, the 23-year-old midfielder has met some pretty women at a party at night. So, it’s been said that he scammed her childhood sweetheart, Fryer. So, someone on Twitter spread the word that the player was cheating on his lovely girlfriend Fryer.

Declan Rice

Declan Rice

Did Declan Rice Cheat on Her Girlfriend Lauren Fryer?

Rice has been seen with beautiful women in Las Vegas, which has led to rumors that he is cheating on his long-term girlfriend, Lauren Fryer. The player joined Jack Grealish and other coworkers at the holiday party. During his trip there on vacation, he met some girls.

The midfielder seemed to have an effect on the group of beautiful women and hung out with them. He seemed to enjoy his visit. In the place, he met some nice people and had a good time.

But the player seemed to be having a great time with those friends. But none of the girls in the picture have been touched by him. He has acted well around those people. Even so, the rumor that Declan was cheating spread like wildfire on Twitter. Everyone seemed to think the wrong thing about the player when they saw those women.

The followers talked about the matter in the wrong way because of what they heard from the beautiful girl Brunette. They think the West Ham midfielder saw the woman while he was talking to them on their luxury party bus. At night, they led to the Marquee Club.

The same thing is happening to Grealish as it did to Declan. So, there were rumors that the England midfielder and Rice’s friend, Declan Rice, was cheating on his girlfriend, Sasha Attwood. Later, it turned out that he was happy with his love life at the party.

Declan Rice Affair Rumors Explored?

Rice was recently caught deep in conversation with a woman, which led to rumors that he was having an affair. People on Twitter are spreading the news on social media more and more. His fans thought that the player and his friend Jack were cheating on his beautiful girlfriend.

The Manchester City player drank with a girl until 3 a.m. at the group, and he hired the bus with a beautiful woman before getting on. At the same time, Rice was having a holiday party and those girls were making him laugh. After a hard season, he has used his free time.

Rice has a girlfriend named Fryer, who he loves. Around six years passed while they were together. They had been seeing each other for a long time and understood each other well. They are cute together, and they have a lot in common.

The couple also shares a lot of posts on social media. In February 2018, Rice told the story of a lovely trip to Paris. They had a romantic time in a place where people fall in love. They seem to be about the same age difference apart and get along well.

Sources say that Rice’s friend put him in touch with the love of his life. From that time on, the couple has been getting along well. On her Instagram page on October 19, 2021, Fryer had written “six years.”

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