Did Zendaya get beaten up? Viral video leaves Internet confused, fans say ‘y’all making up rumors’

did zendaya get beaten up viral video leaves internet confused fans say yall making up rumors

Over the weekend, a video of a woman being viciously beaten up by a man whose face is not visible went viral on the Internet. The new video was released on Sunday, May 29, and it caused quite a stir because many people assumed the woman in the film was Hollywood star Zendaya.

The video’s background is unclear, and it’s unclear who was involved, but many on Twitter questioned if the woman who had a striking likeness to the ‘Euphoria’ star was truly her or not. People on social media speculated that the 25-year-old actress was involved in a brawl, while others thought it was strange that people only cared if it was Zendaya.



Is it true that Zendaya was assaulted?

A woman sits on the ground while a tall man in a hoodie throws a few swift punches to the face of a woman who looks to be Zendaya, according to a video posted by TMZ. While attempting to avoid the attack, the woman continues to sit on the ground and is kicked by an unnamed male. While the woman appears to be Zendaya, it is most likely another woman. If we look closely at the video, we can see that the woman is also wearing an ankle band, which many people on the internet have commented on.

Viral video leaves Internet confused, fans say ‘y’all making up rumors’

Users on social media filled Twitter with their reactions, with one person stating, “People are genuinely desensitized.” That girl getting beaten up isn’t amusing, and assuming it’s Zendaya isn’t funny either. “It’s time for you to get some help.”

“A girl is getting beaten up,” another added, “but we don’t care about that; we just want to know if it’s Zendaya or not.” “Whether it’s Zendaya or not, why the f**k are y’all laughing at a woman getting beaten up?” the next one demanded. “That’s f**king strange.”

“Whether it’s a girl or a boy, my issue is we only care if it’s zendaya, like y’all genuinely know zendaya personally she’s literally just as much of a stranger as the girl who’s getting beat up in the video like think about that for a second,” one Twitter user said.

“Y’all dislike Zendaya that much, y’all making up tales about her getting beat up?” one person wondered. “Weirdos, weirdos, weirdos.” “Some girl who looks like Zendaya was getting beat up and people are thinking it’s her,” said another.

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