Disadvantages of eating mangoes

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At this time mango can be seen everywhere in the market. You must have eaten a lot.

Today we are talking about the disadvantages of eating mangoes, not the benefits. 

These are the disadvantages of mango 

-The fluid that comes out of the top of the mango, if consumed without cleaning, can cause throat problems. It also causes lip problems.

-Eating too much mango also affects the digestive process. It upsets the stomach. If it causes allergies. Eating too much mango raises body temperature.

– It is more beneficial to buy raw mango and eat it cooked at home than ripe mango. Because calcium carbide is added to mango for cooking. This chemical affects health.

-If you are controlling your weight, it is better not to consume too much mango. Eating too much mango increases weight. A medium-sized mango contains 135 calories. If you consume a balanced amount of mango before a workout, it is beneficial.

– Mango has high sugar content. Eating too much mango raises blood sugar levels. This is especially true for diabetics.