Dissatisfaction over providing veterinary ambulance to NGO in Lalitpur

July 8, Kathmandu. The Department of Veterinary Services of Lalitpur Metropolitan City has expressed dissatisfaction over the operation of veterinary ambulance by a non-governmental organization.

Employees of the Veterinary Services Department have become dissatisfied after the Lalitpur Metropolitan City handed over a veterinary ambulance to Snehaj Care, an NGO working in the field of animal rights.

The Lalitpur metropolis had provided the vehicle purchased for Rs.

The metropolitan veterinary service department said it was wrong to ignore its own subordinate bodies.

Head of the Department Senior Animal Development Officer Dr. Amar Rai told online news, “We have hired staff in the department to manage the livestock in the metropolis.” I myself am a tenth level employee looking after the animal service. But we are not satisfied that the veterinary ambulance was given to the NGO ignoring the department of its own office.

Dr. Roy also ignored the request of the Veterinary Services Department for a veterinary ambulance and pickup van from the Lalitpur Municipal Corporation.

He said that it was surprising to give the responsibility of animal management to the NGO without consulting and coordinating with the staff to look after the animal department of the metropolis.

There is no dispute

Chief Administrative Officer of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Ganesh Aryal, on the other hand, said that there was no room for complaint in the past.

He said, “We have seen a lot of work of the veterinary service department. As this is a priority plan of Mayor Saab, an agreement has been reached with Snehaj Care to do quality work, ”he said.

Aryal said that even though the metropolis has provided veterinary ambulance to Snehaj Care, it will be operated under the metropolis and the technicians of the metropolis will be there. ‘Management is ours. Therefore, there is no need to dispute it, ”he said.

On Wednesday morning, Lalitpur Mayor Chiribabu Maharjan handed over the ambulance to Sneha Shrestha, the head of True Snehaj Care.

Maharjan, the chief of the metropolis, said that the ambulance service was started with the objective of helping the injured animals to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

He said that the Lalitpur Metropolitan City is sensitive towards animal rights and has arranged a veterinary ambulance for the sick animals found on the road.

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