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Kathmandu. The second teaser of Anup Baral directed film ‘Dokh’ has been made public on YouTube. Diya Maskey, Manish Niraula and others have been featured in the 1 minute 22 second long teaser.

An attempt has been made in the teaser to show the relationship between Manish and Diya seen in the role of a village school teacher. Calling both of them enemies, the beating by the Maoist fighters is also depicted.

The film, which is being prepared for release on July 8, has presented the chaos of the then politics and society through sports. The film stars Diya and Manish along with Lokmani Sapkota, Maotse Gurung, Roydeep Shrestha and others.

The film, which has Shailendra Dhwaj Karki’s cinematography, Abhash’s music, Shravan Mukharung’s words and Uttam Neupane’s voice, is believed to be liked by the critics. Due to the Corona epidemic and delays in production, the film is finally about to be released.

The film is written by Rajan Kathet. The film is produced by Sabin Gyawali and Manoj Adhikari.

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