DJ Kerozen Accident Result In Serious Injuries, Is He Hospitalized?

dj kerozen accident result in serious injuries is he hospitalized

DJ Kerozen’s accident photos, which resulted in catastrophic injuries, are circulating on the internet.

DJ KerozenDJ Kerozen

DJ Kerozen

There have recently been allegations that DJ Kerozens was involved in an accident. It’s also possible that he’s been injured and is being treated in a hospital.

DJ Kerozen Accident Result In Serious Injuries

Photos from an accident site apparently involving DJ Kerozen are spreading on social media, with claims that he was seriously injured. According to a source on Twitter, the incident occurred while he was coming from Yarko for the Drogba campaign.

Two Range Rovers are also unrecoverable, according to the report. Furthermore, the damage is extensive, implying that anyone involved in the collision has been injured.

As a result, he was said to have been hospitalized. However, based on a post on his Instagram account a few hours ago, he appeared to be headed to Yakro for the election.

As a result, the accident news appears to be relevant. Despite the fact that the news media has yet to report on the incident, netizens believe it.

They are already praying for his safety because they believe he has been admitted to the hospital. Many people have begun to leave comments on the article, expressing their hope that everything will be fine.

What Happened To DJ Kerozen?

DJ Kerozen is said to have been involved in a car accident. The internet is flooded with images of two vehicles that are so badly damaged that it is difficult to judge their condition.

However, relevant sources have yet to confirm the news. Furthermore, the cops have not come forth with any information.

We may need to pray for him and his safety until we hear more about his mishap from official sources.

 DJ Kerozen Background Data On Wikipedia

Wikipedia does not have any information about DJ Kerozen’s background. His information is, nevertheless, available on the internet.

He was born on the banks of the Ébrié lagoon (Abidjan), specifically in the Siporex district, according to a source. He began his career as a disc jockey (DJ) at a little maquis in Yopougon’s Siporex district called “Le Titré.”

Before returning to Yopougon and the “Champion’s League” and “Ministry of La Joie” maquises on Princess Street, he worked in a maquis in another town in the capital (Abobo).

In 2004, while in his final year at Princess Street, he decided to drop out and pursue music full-time. In 2005, he chose to begin his musical career as a vocalist.

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