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Kathmandu. We’ve heard a lot about rabies. Because rabies vaccines are readily available, people are less interested in them than in other diseases.

But before the vaccine became available, the number of deaths due to rabies has not decreased. This is because there is a lot of confusion in the society about rabies. How does rabies affect? What is the reliable treatment for this? Infectious disease specialist Dr. focusing on issues including. Interview with Sher Bahadur:

How does rabies affect?

Dogs are a victim of rabies. The disease is transmitted to dogs by other animals and is transmitted to humans by dogs. The disease is transmitted to humans through the bite of a dog. It travels through the muscles of our body to the tiny nerves and reaches the main nerves.

How is the rabies virus transmitted to dogs?

The disease is transmitted to dogs around the forest by contact with foxes and foxes. And, when the dog reaches the town near the forest, the disease spreads to other dogs through the contact of that dog and Tokai.

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How do you know if a dog has the rabies virus?

According to my experience of 20 years of studying infectious diseases, the symptoms of rabies have changed in a decade. In the past, rabies-infected dogs were more likely to be aggressive, with their tails tilted and their tails pulled out. But in recent times, the symptoms of rabies in dogs have changed a lot. Dogs with the rabies virus do not have any special symptoms. If a dog has the rabies virus, the most common symptom is fear of wind and water.

How often does a dog bite a person?

Symptoms are usually reported within one to three months of being bitten by a dog. But sometimes it can appear years later, not three months. In my experience, many people have seen symptoms in 6 to 8 months after being bitten by a dog. If the dog has a bite in the vein of the hand, has made a deep wound, bites above the head, then they will show symptoms within a few days.

Does a rabies-infected dog chase and bite a person, or only in other cases?

A rabies-infected dog does not just bite people. It can also bite in other normal cases. Aggressive biting does not mean rabies can be transmitted by biting while playing.

What to do with a rabies-infected dog bite? Is there a way out?

About 90 percent of the rabies virus can be transmitted if a rabies-infected dog goes directly to Tokna and opens the water tap and washes it in running water for at least 15 minutes. If possible, rinsing with soap and water is more effective. Then go to the hospital as soon as possible and get vaccinated.

How long should a dog inject?

Vaccinate as soon as possible after a dog bite. If a rabies-infected dog dies within 10 days, then the rabies vaccine must be given. So it is more important to know the condition of the dog than time. But the dog had bitten him a month ago. If the dog disappears immediately after the bite, he or she should also be vaccinated against rabies. If the dog’s condition is known, it can be treated with rabies vaccine.

Is there a risk of rabies after being vaccinated against rabies?

There is no risk of rabies after being vaccinated against rabies. Therefore, the risk of rabies can be avoided if the dog is vaccinated as soon as it is stopped.

Even in the case of a normal dog bite, the rabies vaccine should be given, Why

The rabies vaccine should also be given in case of a normal dog bite, as some dogs may not show any symptoms. It is okay to vaccinate a dog for 10 days depending on its condition. But since vaccination is very safe, it is advisable to get vaccinated.

Let’s say Ordinary dogs have been bitten and have not been vaccinated. Is there any danger to the person if the dog is bred later?

There is no danger to a person who has been bitten by a normal dog and does not breed for 10 days. However, if a normal dog bites a dog that has bred or died within 10 days and the person has not been vaccinated, the person is at risk of rabies.

How many people die each year from rabies? How many are infected?

According to data from nearly two decades ago, rabies killed an average of 12 to 14 people annually. But now that the vaccine is widely available, the death toll has not dropped.

What is the reliable treatment for this?

There is no cure for rabies if the infection spreads intramuscularly. So vaccination is the only way to prevent this disease. If the dog has a bite in the vein of the hand, has made a deep wound, bites above the head, immunoglobulin vaccine should be given immediately.

How many doses of rabies vaccine should be given?

There is also a lot of confusion about the dose of rabies vaccine. Zero, three, seven and fourteen doses of four doses in two weeks is enough. But five doses of the rabies vaccine have been found in many places outside.

Available free of charge at government hospitals. The vaccine is also available at private pharmacies. A single dose at a private pharmacy costs Rs 670.

How much is the state spending on rabies treatment? What measures have been taken to prevent it?

The only cure for rabies is a vaccine. The state is spending Rs. 7 to 80 million annually for this. In addition, it has been conducting various public awareness programs for its prevention.

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