Does Jacqueline Gold Have A Husband 2022? Married Or Single

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Jacqueline Gold, the CEO of Gold Group International, Ann Summers, and Knickerbox, is still blissfully married to Dan Cunningham, a finance broker.

Jacqueline GoldJacqueline Gold

Jacqueline Gold

Jacqueline Gold is the CEO of Gold Group International, Ann Summers, and Knickerbox, all of which are owned and managed by women for women.

In 1987, Gold took over as CEO of Ann Summers and grew it into a multimillion-pound business. The sales force today counts over 7,500 women organizers throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Channel Islands, and operates 136 high-street stores. Her estimated net worth is $860 million dollars.

Does Jacqueline Gold have a husband in 2022? Married or Single?

In 2022, Jacqueline Gold will still be married to Dan Cunningham, an independent finance broker 17 years her junior. According to his Twitter account, he has over 25 years of financial experience.

Unlike her husband, Dan, Jacqueline routinely uploads photos of herself and her sweetheart on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, proclaiming her devotion. The entrepreneur has an Instagram account with the handle @jacquelinegoldcbe, where she has over 10.9k followers and 871 posts.

Dan, on the other hand, appears to be a quiet individual who prefers to keep his personal life hidden.

Jacqueline’s final Instagram post with her husband was on February 14th, wishing him a happy Valentine’s Day.

There isn’t much to discover about Dan’s husband, unlike Jacqueline. There are only a few places where you can get crucial information on Dan.

Jacqueline Gold Divorce From Ex-Husband Dan Cunningham

After three failed IVF attempts to conceive a child, Jacqueline Gold met her husband Dan Cunningham in 2002 and they were blissfully married till New Year’s Day 2006.

Despite their separation, the couple resolved their issues and married in 2010. Scarlett, who will be 12 years old in 2022, is their only child together.

Jacqueline was also the mother of another newborn boy, Alfie, at the time of her daughter’s birth. But he had a serious illness that meant he wouldn’t live long after birth. Despite the fact that the infant boy lived for eight months, he was never well enough to leave the hospital.

Dan and Gold do not appear to be separated at this time, and they look to be happy in their relationship and completing their responsibilities as their daughter’s parents.

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