Dolakha out of immediate risk, after China withdrew the blocked water

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According to the District Police Office, Dolakha, the coastal area of ​​Tamakoshi is out of immediate danger after the Chinese side slowly reopened the river.

Which was blocked due to a landslide caused by heavy rains in Tibet, an autonomous region of China.

DSP Bheshraj Rijal of Dolakha said that there was no risk even if the water level in Tamakoshi increased. “The threat is less than yesterday,”

The Chinese side said the river was blocked by landslides and heavy rains in and around the city of Rongxia in Tingri County, China. Chairman of Vigu village Yudhisthira Khadka said that the immediate risk was averted as the Chinese side informed that the flow of the river was under control.

The flow increased

There was a fear that the dammed river on the border of Bigu Gaonpalika-1 Lapchi of Dolakha could flood and cause damage. According to DSP Rijal, four gates of Tamakoshi Dam have been opened. According to DSP Rijal, the water level in Tamakoshi was recorded at 1979.8 and the water discharge was 260 cubic meters per second.

“There has been a flood in Tamakoshi including Ledo. As the flow has increased, the discharge level has also been gradually increasing,” said DSP Rijal.

An emergency meeting of the Disaster Management Committee was held on Saturday to analyze the possible risks and set up three tents in Singti to accommodate the residents of the risky areas of Dolakha.

As a precaution against risk management, the surface of the Upper Tamakoshi reservoir was reduced by nine meters and the sand thawing pond was completely emptied.

The District Administration Office had issued an urgent notice at 9:55 last night urging the residents of Dolakha and surrounding districts to be on high alert. The floods in Tamakoshi are expected to cause damage to Lama Bagar, Gongar, Singati, Tamakoshi, Sitli, Kirnetar of Dolakha, and Manthali of Ramechhap and Khurkot Bazaar of Sindhuli.

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