DON’T PLAY WITH GUNS Twitter Video Viral On Instagram, YouTube & Reddit, PARIS HARVEY & KUARON HARVEY Video!

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So hello everyone and we are back with some news regarding a Twitter Handle that has been creating a lot of boys all around the internet. Flumingss is a top matter of discussion for online users and they are really concerned about this incident. So recently a very horrible situation occurred were two young girls were trying to get famous and they were spotted playing with a gun. Then suddenly the whole funny scenario turned into a chaotic Nightmare when she has fired the gun and both of them died. 12-YEAR-OLD SHOOTS COUSIN ON LIVE DEATH VIDEO

Who Was Paris Harvey?

Who Was Paris Harvey?

Unfortunately. All this was happening in front of a live Instagram video and since then it has created headlines all over the internet. This is the story of a 12 and 14-year-old girl who was playing in front of a live Instagram video and no one was at home. They wanted to attract audiences through various acts and suddenly she took out a gun and started playing with it. Paris Harvey is the name of the girl that accidentally fired the gun and took her own life and also killed her cousin Kuaron Harvey.


SHOCKING: KUARON HARVEY & PARIS HARVEY Death Video Viral, Girl Accidently Shot Cousin & Herself On Instagram LiveStream!

VIDEO: Flumingss Leaked Video Twitter & Reddit, Kuaron Harvey Instagram Death Video Viral, Luckyduhh Explained!

Paris Harvey’s Death Reason

We would like to express our deepest apologies to the family of the young girls and we hope that the whole investigation will come to a conclusion very soon. The whole incident was happening in front of a thousand eyes and everybody could just watch the terrible incident. The Twitter account of these girls has almost 2004 and now the number of audiences is increasing day by day because of this terrible incident.

Paris Harvey Instagram LiveStream Death Video

Youngsters all over the world are trying to get famous as soon as possible through social networking sites and they have been taking some really Rash decisions. They are not even adults and at such an early age when they should enjoy life and play they are trying to get famous. Parents and guardians should talk and discuss the problems of teenagers and that’s how we can improve the situation of communities. We would be back with some more updates regarding this case. So till then stay tuned with our website.