Dozens go missing after 12-story building collapses in the US

Dozens have lost contact after a 12-story building collapsed near Miami, Florida, USA.

 The body of a man has been found at the spot.

It was not immediately clear how many people were there when the building collapsed.

The building was built in 1980 in the Surfside area north of Miami. There were 230 flats in it. According to the BBC, half of them have collapsed.

Florida Gov. Run Descentis estimates the damage has been done.

The embassy said many Latin American immigrants were not in contact after the incident. According to Paraguayan officials, Paraguay’s first lady was also a relative of the missing woman.

Paraguay’s First Lady Silvana Lopez Morera’s sister, siblings, their three children and a domestic worker have been found by rescuers, the BBC has learned.

Thirty-five people were rescued from the scene and some were sent to hospital for treatment, officials said.