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dr s p singh oberoi biography wikipedia career age awards net worth

What is a person’s level of success? Perhaps the extent of his dreams. Dr. S. P. Singh Oberoi’s journey from diesel mechanic to business tycoon to one of the world’s most prominent benefactors is no less than a fairytale; only it’s true. It was in 2010 that S. P. Singh Oberoi, a guy who had always believed in second chances, received his second chance: a life dedicated to serving others. He was reading the news when he learned that 17 Indians had been sentenced to death after a gang brawl resulted in the death of a Pakistani teen. He read the story again and over, but he could never accept that 17 others had to die to compensate for the death of one man. He set up a rendezvous with them in jail before flying back home to meet their family. He had no choice but to save the families once he saw their pain.

Dr S P Singh Oberoi

Dr S P Singh Oberoi

Dr S P Singh Oberoi Biography

S P Singh Oberoi and 17 other Indians sentenced to death in Dubai. This photo was taken after he paid blood money to ensure their release.
This event was a turning point in his life. He dedicated his life and 95% of his earnings to the service of humanity. He established the Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust to represent them in court. Oberoi won the long-running legal struggle, but he had to pay the family of the murdered Pakistani man $2.2 million from his savings as blood money. Since then, he has never looked back and has paid blood money to save 89 individuals off the gallows in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. The Trust’s areas of business in Dubai grew over time. It began by assisting in the return of dead remains and the rescue of girls trapped in the Gulf region. The Trust has successfully brought back over 80 bodies and rescued five girls to yet, and it is currently fighting for the rescue of another 105 females. He is on the verge of constructing medical infrastructure in Punjab, which would include a dialysis facility every 15 kilometres. He has already provided over a thousand dialysis units for this purpose, and he now aims to spread this programme to other parts of the country. He adopts terminally sick people, pays for their treatment, and provides a monthly pension to their families. This fixed monthly pension support is also available in low-income areas of Punjab and Haryana, with 8000 families now receiving assistance. According to him, the only way to completely restructure India’s healthcare system is to boost the emergency patient transportation system and make diagnosis procedures affordable to all. To make this idea a reality, he is giving a huge number of ambulances and establishing a network of diagnostic labs that give testing for the same cost as any government hospital. Oberoi recognises the critical role of education in the development of society and invests significant resources to ensure that every child receives a formal education. He owns and operates schools and colleges in Punjab and Haryana, and he has adopted over 100 students from various Punjab colleges. His Trust also helps institutions in Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan with financial, developmental, and structural support. 8 lakh pupils now have access to potable drinking water because to the ROs installed at these institutions. But his most ambitious project is a new school in Abohar for 1200 impaired students, complete with boarding facilities and all the contemporary amenities needed to meet these children’s special requirements. His Trust is actively involved in raising awareness of disability-centric activities, and he generously makes funding to NGOs that help individuals with impairments generate income. This Abohar school will be the first of five special schools to open in Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust now manages 26 social initiatives, all of which are supported by Oberoi. It constructs new homes for individuals and renovates those that are in disrepair; it operates computer, sewing, and electrical and electronics training centres in low-income areas; and it establishes a source of income for persons living on or near the poverty line.

Dr S P Singh Oberoi Wikipedia

Dr. Surinder Pal Singh Oberoi is the Chairman of the Apex Group of Companies, which has offices in Dubai and the Burj Khalif. He is also the Managing Trustee of Patiala’s Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust. The Apex Group was founded in 1993 under Dr. Oberoi’s support. Apex Emirates General Trading Co LLC, one of the group’s subsidiaries, provides complete assistance for various professional engineering services. Its specialist product range of pumps, engines, piling and anchoring equipment, and accessories is constantly expanding. The company has been successful in providing cutting-edge technology-based piling, anchoring, and dewatering equipment and accessories. Its purpose is to contribute positively and actively to providing the greatest and most accessible service to new and existing customers. To meet consumer demands, the business plans to offer additional cutting-edge materials, machines, and equipment.

Who Is Dr S P Singh Oberoi?

Oberoi had to spend 34 years of his life making a wealth before he could give it all away to the poor. In 1975, he began working as a diesel mechanic in Himachal Pradesh before moving to Dubai in 1977. In 1981, he returned to start his own business, which grew rapidly thanks to his dedication and hard work. In 1991, he founded Apex Trading Company, Apex International Construction in 1996, the Dubai Grand Hotel in 1998, and Oberoi Properties & Investments LLC in 2004. This journey has not been simple for a man who lives by the spirit of giving. His donation of 95% of his income sparked debate and suspicion, prompting a directorate of enforcement to launch an investigation into his earnings, which eventually revealed no discrepancies.

Sarbad Da Bhala Charitable Trust organised a medical checkup camp

But, despite it all, he has never allowed anything to come between himself and his love for the impoverished. His priority is to improve people’s lives, therefore when his hotel chain demanded his attention, he chose to shut it down rather than divert his attention away from his humanitarian activities. He tries to mask his modesty as a man from low beginnings. His excellent deeds, on the other hand, are always visible. He has received accolades from the United Nations World Science Congress and the House of Lords for his efforts to transform the socioeconomic structure of society. He has received the Grand Prix Humanitarian Association’s Gold Medal as well as the Punjab Ratan Award in India. He is also the first Indian to be appointed Consul General of the Principality of Seborga in India, as well as the first recipient of an honorary doctorate in philanthropy from the International University of Fundamental Studies (affiliated with the Oxford Education Network, International Parliament of Safety & Peace and California University). Dr. S. P. Singh Oberoi, a man dedicated to alleviating and eliminating the pain of the poor, says, “Do all the good, by all the means, in all the ways, to all the people, as long as you can.”


  • Honored by Hon’ble Justice Mr A K Sikri, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Hon’ble Shivax Jal Vazifdar received the Grand Prix Humanitarian Gold Medal Award in France on August 15, 2011, which was presented by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab in Amritsar.

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