Dwarika Lal Chaudhary demolishes complained resort wall

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Dwarika Lal Chaudhary

Mayor of Itahari Sub-metropolis Dwarika Lal Chaudhary has reached Dojar Khanar. 

Mayor Chaudhary on Tuesday demolished the compound wall being built by a businessman in Khanar of the sub-metropolis. 

Stating that the structure was built by muddying the land of the canal, Mayor Chaudhary along with the Municipal Police, Fire Brigade, Dozer (Excavator), and Nepal Police reached there and demolished the compound wall.

He said that he had gone to the place as there were complaints that public land had been encroached upon. 

Entrepreneurs of Itahari have said that they used dozers without seeking permission from the sub-metropolis and fulfilling the legal provisions.

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