East-West Highway Blocked yet again

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The East-West Highway, which has been blocked since Thursday morning due to flood damage in Kawasoti of Nawalpur, has not been able to come into operation yet.

The east-west highway has been blocked after the culvert in front of Division Forest Office Kawasoti was washed away by the flood. 

DSP Dilip Kumar Giri informed that the place is currently being repaired by placing a hump pipe and graveling it. 

He said that work is being done to make the highway smooth from today.

Hundreds of vehicles have been stopped on the road after the road was blocked. Motorcycles have also been banned from operating on the damaged areas on the highway.

After the blockade of the East-West Highway, the people have to use the winding unpaved road leading to the Lokaha Bridge from the Division Forest Office to the south. 

But even on this detour, large and loaded vehicles cannot run, says DSP Giri.

Meanwhile, police have rescued some people trapped in the Vinay Triveni River on Thursday.