The East-West Highway has not yet come into operation

East-west Highway

The diversion constructed on the East-West Highway, which was blocked due to floods, has not yet come into operation. 

The diversion constructed at Gaindakot of Nawalparasi (east of Bardaghat-Sustapur) under the Narayangadh-Butwal section of the highway, which was blocked due to floods on Thursday morning, has not yet come into operation.

The highway has been blocked again after a tractor got stuck in a new diversion constructed to allow motorcycles to run on Thursday evening. 

The highway has been blocked since 10:30 am. Chief of the Armed Police Force Nepal No. 31 Gulm in Gaindakot-10, Deputy Superintendent of Armed Police Bir Bhadra Nath informed that diversion repair work was being carried out by removing the tractor.

Nath said that the security forces were working with the help of JCB to operate the vehicles even if it was one-way.

 There is a four-kilometer long line of vehicles going east and west on this section of the East-West Highway as vehicles could not operate till this morning.

 The diversion made for the operation of vehicles was washed away during the construction of a new motorable bridge by removing the small bridge for the expansion of the highway.

The road was completely blocked due to the diversion of four places including 23 memorial bridges constructed in the Thumsi area of ​​Gaindakot. 

Drivers have complained that even though the east-west highway has been blocked for a long time, it has not been able to operate effectively.

To manage the vehicles, the traffic police has stopped the vehicles going east towards Danda and the vehicles going west towards Gaindakot. 

Employees of Area Police Office Gaindakot, Armed Police Force Nepal No. 31 Gulm, and Narayangadh-Butwal Road Expansion Project have been deployed to operate the vehicles by reconstructing the diversion caused by the floods.