Election Commission is trying to reach a consensus with the JSP leaders

Election Commission

The Election Commission has summoned both the parties of the Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) for a discussion today. 

Commission spokesperson Raj Kumar Shrestha informed that the JSP leaders were called for consensus at 11 am.

Spokesperson Shrestha said that if both the parties participate in the discussion called for a final agreement, the commission will take initiative for consensus, and if there is no agreement, the decision-making process will start according to the demands of the parties. 

As leaders on both sides remain steadfast in their positions, the prospects for a consensus are slim.

There is a dispute over the official status between Upendra Yadav’s party and Mahanta Thakur’s party.

 Both sides decided to take action against each other and even applied to the Election Commission for an update.

However, the commission ruled that the action of both parties was invalid and decided to retain the old post of JSP.

At that time, the commission had said that the dispute was related to the official status of the party and requested to come for settlement as per Article 44 of the Political Parties Act.

 After that, the Yadav faction had filed a petition on June 18 claiming the party’s authority along with the decision of the Central Executive Committee. 

After that, the commission meeting gave Thakur’s party 15 days to submit a written reply to Yadav’s claim.