Emphasis on the need to compensate the victims of sexual violence from the state treasury

July 9, Kathmandu. Members of the Parliamentary Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights have stressed on the need to provide compensation to women victims of rape and sexual violence from the state coffers.

In the meeting of the committee, the members said that after taking action against the perpetrator and imposing a fine, the self-esteem of the victim could be harmed instead of paying the fine to the victim.

During the meeting, Chairman Krishna Bhakta Pokharel said that the perpetrator had eaten my money, built a house and taken land with the same money. He said, “We should also discuss this with the Ministry of Finance and take initiative to provide compensation to the victims from the state treasury.”

Committee member Binda Panda said that the state should take responsibility for the education, health and employment of the victimized women and children. She said the perpetrator should be disqualified from holding any public office in the future.

She said there should be no time limit for filing a complaint in a rape case.

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