Employees appeals to the Prime Minister to stop the privatization of Nepal Airlines

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Nepal Airlines

Employees of the Nepal Airlines Corporation have appealed to the Prime Minister to cancel the government’s initiative to transform Nepal Airlines into a company model.

Leaders of nine trade unions active within Nepal Airlines met the Prime Minister on Wednesday and demanded that the decision to privatize the corporation be overturned.

They have also demanded immediate dismissal of General Manager Deem Prasad Poudel. The employees’ union has demanded the Prime Minister to stop the increase in the salary of the general manager and to cancel the appointment of a person affiliated with an organization with conflicting business interests in the corporation’s steering committee.

The matter is currently pending in the Supreme Court. However, the employees have been protesting for 33 days. There is no new leadership in the Ministry of Tourism. The employees have not agreed to hold talks with the negotiation committee formed by the general manager.

On the other hand, the management is saying that Nepal Airlines will not be able to move forward due to the current structure and the tendency of the employees. That is why Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba met the staff while both sides were adamant in their stand.

They have also demanded that the government should provide relief package to the corporation. 

They have demanded the government to increase investment for that purpose.

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