Endoscopy service in final stage at Beni Hospital

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Preparations for the operation of endoscopy service at Beni Hospital in Myagdi have reached the final stage.

The hospital development committee has stated that the necessary equipments are being connected to bring it into operation within a year.

Bel Bahadur Katuwal, chairman of the hospital management committee, said that the service is being operated by purchasing equipment from the budget of Rs 3 million of the local infrastructure development partnership program. “This service is very important for Myagdi,” he said.

“Many patients will feel relieved when the service comes into operation.”

Chairman Katuwal said that the budget allocated to the Dhaulagiri Municipality on the initiative of the outgoing MP Bhupendra Bahadur Thapa had helped the municipality to purchase endoscopy machine in the hospital.

Chairman Katuwal informed that the obligation to go to Pokhara for endoscopy service will be removed after the service is operated at the hospital. 

“All the equipments have arrived,” said Katuwal, chairman of the hospital management committee. “We are preparing to operate the service within a week.” This is the new service of Beni Hospital. ”

He said that there is no difficulty in operating the service as there is skilled manpower for operating endoscopy. With this technology, ulcers and even cancer can be easily detected.