Evaluation of SEE to be verified from tomorrow

25 July 2021 18:44 PM | UPDATED 4 months ago

25 July 2021 18:44 PM

The National Examination Board (NEB) is set to verify the SEE assessment from Monday. 

The Board has stated that the evaluation results of all the districts except Parsa and Rautahat have been received by the Examination Control Office by Sunday.

As the assessment of the remaining two districts has also come by late, the work of verifying and scheduling the assessment received will start from Monday, said Rudra Prasad Adhikari, Controller of SEE Examinations.

 “As all the assessments have been received by late today, we will start verification and tabulation from tomorrow,” he said.

The Board of Examinations had directed the Education Development Coordination Unit to send the hard copy and soft copy of the student’s assessment result to the Examination Control Office within this month but it did not arrive on time due to natural calamities.

As the SEE examination could not be held physically, the board had decided to conduct an internal assessment by bringing ‘Student Assessment Procedure for Class 10, 2078’.

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