Ex-player Believes LaMelo Ball Is Targeted For Lakers

ex player believes lamelo ball is targeted for lakers

Ex-player believes LaMelo Ball is targeted for Lakers #Explayer #believes #LaMelo #Ball #targeted #Lakers Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

lamelo ball lebron james

lamelo ball lebron james

LeBron James hugs LaMelo Ball.

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Since the Los Angeles Lakers signed LeBron James in 2018, they have sacrificed their future with a number of moves aimed at helping the team win now, including in exchange for Anthony Davis. Before LeBron joined the team, they tried to build through the draft. One of the players that was supposed to usher in a new era of Lakers basketball was Lonzo Ball.

He was a good NBA player but he never developed into the superstar the team was hoping he would and was traded as part of the Davis deal. While Ball is a good player, his younger brother LaMelo Ball could be even better. The guard for the Charlotte Hornets has been named an All-Star in just his second season. He has superstar potential written all over him.

However, the Hornets are one of the least successful franchises in NBA history. They never won a championship, a championship title or even a championship. Ball is a native of Southern California and his family business interests are well known. Hornets owner Michael Jordan will do whatever he can to ensure the guard stays in Charlotte for the long haul but former NBA player turned analyst Jay Williams believes Ball is destined to be a Laker.

“When I look at LaMelo Ball, I see nothing but purple and yellow,” Williams said on ESPN’s First . “It was written based on the way he dressed, the style that he applied to the games. It has to do with his whole social media picture, where he’s from and his dad has been very involved with the way things are arranged, even when Lonzo goes there for the first time. ”

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ex player believes lamelo ball is targeted for lakers

ex player believes lamelo ball is targeted for lakers

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