Extreme heat reported in the far west

Extreme heat in far west

People’s life in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts have been badly affected by the extreme heat for the past week.

Workers who have to go to work daily are being more affected by the scorching heat due to lack of rain.

The sky is foggy every day but there are no rain clouds. The maximum temperature is around 38 degrees Celsius.

According to local Tej Raj Bhatt, the extreme humidity may have been felt due to the relative humidity in the air. 

Due to the increased heat, people are not able to go out in the afternoon.

Another local Janak Pandey said that he had to suffer more after the fans were blowing hot air even in the rooms of the houses which were heated due to the continuous heat.

 He said, “It is heard that the rains in various districts of Eastern and Central Nepal are causing disasters. The drought caused by the lack of rains here has affected the people.”

Kunwar Prasad Chaudhary, a laborer from Dhangadhi, said that he had to suffer due to extreme heat. “Even if you stay at home without work, you can’t go out to work because your body is sweating day and night,” he said.

Some people have started reaching Khanidanda and Sahajpur in the Chure hills of Kailali district to avoid the heat. 

According to the farmer, the dry season has caused cracks in the planted field.