Fact Check: News Of Pope Francis Resignation Or Retirement Explained

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After announcing his appearance at a feast in L’Aquila, central Italy, this year, Pope Francis, the Bishop of Rome and leader of the Catholic Church, has fed suspicions that he may step down.

Since Gregory III, a Syrian who reigned in the seventh century, Francis Pope is the first pope to be a member of the Society of Jesus, the first from the Americas, the first from the Southern Hemisphere, and the first pope from outside Europe.

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and worked as a bouncer and cleaner as a teenager before going on to study chemistry and work as a technician in a food science lab.

Francis maintains the Church’s historic positions on abortion, clericalism, and women’s ordination.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Fact Check: News Of Pope Francis Resignation Or Retirement Explained

By declaring a visit to the tomb of a 13th-century pontiff who disliked his job and quit after five months, Pope Francis has stoked speculation that he wants to retire rather than die in office.

He will pay respect to Pope Celestine V, who published a law allowing popes to resign in 1294 and then used the rule to resign the next day, on August 28 in L’Aquila, central Italy.

Benedict XVI, Francis’ predecessor, is said to have utilized his choice to resign in 2013 due to ill health, making him the first pope to do so in six centuries.

To be honest, Francis has already declared that he is open to quitting and does not consider himself as a long-term fixture in the seat of St. Peter.

Is Pope Francis Departing from the Vatican?

According to unsourced reports in Italian and Catholic media, Pope Francis may leave Vatican City after his retirement.

These rumors gained traction this week when the Pope announced on August 27 a forum to elect 21 new cardinals. Sixteen of the cardinals are under the age of 80, which makes them eligible to vote in the election to replace Francis.

The 85-year-predicament old’s just had significant surgery to put an end to the ongoing speculation about his health and lifespan as a result of his employment.

Even if they are too polite to say it, most Vatican observers keep an eye on the politics of a future election. The details of the Roman Bishop’s departure are still unknown.

Pope Francis Family Time As Multiple Reports Surfaces On Twitter

According to various claims on Twitter, Pope Francis is planning to leave his post in order to spend more time with his family.

The Catholic press and social media have gone into PapalRumorModeOverdriveTM in recent days, circulating reports that the pope is about to retire with Benedict XVI.

As early as December, he may begin his studies at the Mater Ecclesiae monastery in the Vatican Gardens. Rumor reports are almost always unverifiable.

The theory is linked to rumors that Francis is planning to take action on retiring popes’ legal status soon, paving the path for his own decision to quit.

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