Farmers angry over lack of chemical fertilizers

Farmers in Nepal

Even though sowing has started in Doti, farmers have been facing problems due to the lack of chemical fertilizers. 

Farmers here have become indignant saying that they never get fertilizer on time. 

Farmers have not been able to get chemical fertilizer for months. Farmers are worried as urea fertilizer is not available in the district even at the time of planting. 

The Dipayal branch of the Agricultural Ingredients Company has stated that there is a problem in not being able to bring manure due to the ban on corona infection. According to the state agriculture directorate, paddy is being planted in at least 10,898 hectares of land in the district.

Chet Bahadur Bogati of Shikhar Silgadhi Municipality-1 said that the farmers are worried that the paddy field will not be sprayed due to a lack of urea fertilizer even at the time of planting. With the onset of rains this year, paddy sowing has started in various places here.

 Tika Bahadur BK, a farmer of Silgadhi Municipality-4, Gaira, said that the farmers were worried that the paddy crop would not be sprayed due to lack of fertilizer. 

Farmers are alleging that there is a shortage of manure as the Nepal Agricultural Ingredients Company Limited, which is in charge of manure supply management in the district, did not procure manure on time. Ram Bahadur Damai, a farmer of Shikhar Municipality-2, Kalagadh, said that the paddy crop has not been sprayed due to lack of fertilizer even after the start of sowing. 

Nepal Agricultural Ingredients Company Limited Dipayal informed that even the regional agri-materials company in Kailali could not supply fertilizer due to a lack of fertilizer. Devendra Khadka of Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality-1 said that it was unfortunate that manure was being given priority to the crop sector as employment was being lost due to the coronavirus.