Fees in the name of Corona Pandemic preparation in private schools!

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Fee disputes between private schools and parents, which are repeated every year, have also been seen this year.

Parents have complained that private schools have been charging high fees on various pretexts even though students are not attending classes this year due to the Corona epidemic.

Parents have complained that Triyog High School in Dhapa, Galaxy Public School in Gyaneshwar, and Paragon Public School in Pingalasthan have charged more fees.

 It has been found that some schools even charge corona epidemic preparation fees.

Naxal-based Malpi City School has been found to have charged a fee for the preparation of Microsoft Meat, Covid 19. 

During the monitoring, it was found that many schools were charging corona epidemic preparation fees, said Suprabhat Bhandari, president of the Federation of Nepali Parents.

 “Most of the so-called big schools in the valley have increased their fees. 

An online class is taking place. But there is a charge for corona preparation, ”he said.

According to Bhandari, the local level has not shown any interest in raising the fee. “Government mechanisms also seem to be involved in raising fees. 

Because there are an arrangement forward members to be mandatory in the school management committee, ‘he said.

N-PABSON Kathmandu District Chairman Khadak Basnet said that the school has not increased the fees. According to him, many schools were exempted from the Corona epidemic last year.

 However, he said that after the Corona epidemic lasted for a long time, the second academic year also started to be affected and he started charging the same fees as in the past.

“It simply came to our notice then. After some started giving discounts, the competition started. But this year, there was no way to give a discount. 

Due to this, the parents have become angry after they started taking a full fee as per the 76-year-old law, ‘he said.

He claims that none of the schools affiliated with N-PABSON have increased fees. “The problem now is controversy for controversy. 

Nothing In such a situation, there is no question of increasing the school fees, ”he said.

Chief of the Kathmandu Municipal Corporation Education Division Ram Prasad Subedi said that the meeting could not be held due to the busy schedule of the Municipal Council. 

‘Everyone is busy with the work of the municipal council. It is preparing to fix the fee within this month.

PABSON chairman Tikaram Puri, on the other hand, said that the dispute was due to inactivity at the local level.

He says that there is a problem in not giving the right to regulate the fee to the concerned municipality. 

He says the fee limit should have been fixed before the start of the academic session. But not yet. ‘

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