Five thousand allowance for those who give birth at the birthing center in Gaindakot

Five thousand allowance for those who give birth at the birthing center in Gaindakot

July 10, Nawalparasi. A maternity allowance of Rs.

Gaindakot Municipality is going to arrange the allowance with effect from July of the Fiscal Year 2079/80. City Deputy Chief Shanti Koirala has presented the policy and program to provide allowance for the women of the city who give birth in government health institutions.

Chief of the Gaindakot Municipal Health Branch Jhalakraj Poudel informed that the allowance will be provided after preparing the working procedure for the implementation of the policy and program presented in the Municipal Council on Thursday.

Similarly, the municipality has given special priority to mother house program. He said that especially for the convenience of pregnant women of Gaindakot 3 and 18, the mother will be accommodated in such house one week before the delivery date, will be allowed to stay even after delivery and will be provided nutritious food.

In the policy and program presented by Deputy Chief Koirala, it has been stated that the ‘Maternal Mother: Nutritious Food’ program will be made effective and pregnant and postpartum services will be provided by each health institution to provide access to health care to pregnant and maternity women.

For the convenience of pregnant women, it has been mentioned that the service will be provided by operating a mother house in the Municipal Hospital located in Ward No. 3 and 18 of the municipality. A policy of health insurance for all, strong health system, drinking water supply in every household, investment in public health has been taken.

He said that as the government of Nepal has a program to provide free vaccination to all the people, the city will declare a fully vaccinated municipality by giving priority to all types of vaccination programs.

Giving high priority to epidemiology and other infectious disease reduction programs including Kovid-19, Deputy Chief Koirala also mentioned that the people would be kept safe by arranging easy supply or storage of life-saving medicines, pharmaceuticals and safety items in the municipality.

He said that an initiative would be taken to upgrade Gaindakot Health Post as a municipal hospital and upgrade Amarapuri Health Post in Ward No. 16 in coordination with the state government to upgrade the municipal hospital to a provincial hospital.

In order to make the health insurance program effective, initiatives will be taken to advance the insurance recommendation program from Gaindakot Health Post and telemedicine service will be established in the municipal hospital by providing free outpatient services provided by the municipal hospital. The distribution system is mentioned in the policy and program to be implemented in practice.

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