Floods damage a dozen houses in Pancheshwor village municipality

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A dozen houses have been damaged due to the floods in Khahare Khola in Baskhet of Pancheshwor Village Municipality-6. 

The house was damaged by the floods on Thursday morning due to heavy rains since last night.

According to Bhojraj Bhatta, a local, the floods in Baskhet River have damaged more than a dozen houses in Adtola and Baitagaun. He said, “The flood of the river has damaged more than a dozen houses here. The road dug by the dozer above has been washed away and the settlement is still in danger.”

The flood has washed away half of Munna Luhar’s house. The food items and utensils inside the house have been washed away. Similarly, Hariram Luhar’s house is in danger and Shankar Bhandari’s toilet is leaking.

More than 10 houses of locals including Ganesh Singh Bhandari, Sundar Singh Bhandari, Gagan Singh Bhandari, Ramesh Luhar and Shivaram Luhar are at high risk of flooding due to incessant rains.

Chief of the District Police Office, Deputy Superintendent of Police Narayan Prasad Adhikari said that a police team had gone to the spot and full details of the damage would be received only after the team reached the spot. He said, “There are reports of floods in the settlement. No human casualties have been reported.”