Floods destroyed bridges on the east-west highway

Floods destroyed bridges

Floods and landslides along with continuous rains have started causing damage in Chitwan.

 People’s life in East Chitwan has been affected due to floods in Rapti, Budhirapti, Ladari, Kayar and Lothar rivers.

 The Dhusari Bridge has been destroyed by the flood in Ladari River flowing in the border area of ​​Khairhani and Rapti of East Chitwan. 

The east-west highway has been blocked due to the collapse of the bridge.

According to the locals, the Ladari River has now entered the East-West Highway. 

Locals are panicked after the river started flowing towards the settlement through the highway. 

The floods in Budhi Rapti River have affected Sauraha and surrounding areas. This river extends from Chitrasari to the road leading to Sauraha. 

The river has inundated 21 houses of Ramailo Basti in Ratnanagar-8 Baghmara. 

The locals have been shifted to safer places. Mainaha and Malpur of Ratnanagar-7 have also been flooded.