Floods in Madi of Chitwan, inundation of settlements

Floods in Madi of Chitwan

The incessant rains that have been raining in Madi of Chitwan since Wednesday night has started flooding the nearby settlements.

According to the Area Police Office, Madi, Madi-3 Malahitol was inundated by the flood. The houses there are flooded.

The squatter settlement at Baruwa Bazaar in Madi has been inundated due to the flood in Dangrekhola of Madi. 

The Chepang settlement has been inundated due to the flood in Parui River of Madi Municipality-7. 

According to the police, the power supply was disrupted when the Magai River flooded the electricity poles.

Gardi and Seruwa villages are at high risk as to the water level in the Ryu River rises.

 Transportation with the district headquarters Bharatpur has also been disrupted due to the rising water levels in the river. 

Local Sri Prasad Dawadi informed that it was still raining.