Floods wash away Bridge being built at a cost of Rs 5 million in Nawalparasi Nepal

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Bridge under construction in Baudikali has been swept away by the flood in Baudikhola of Nawalparasi Nepal(east of Bardaghat-Sustapur) after incessant rains since Monday evening. 

Ward no. Of Baudikali village municipality of the district. The slabs and beams of the bridge under construction in Shera have been washed away which was to connect 1 and 2 points.

Chief Administrative Officer of Baudikali, Pradip Chandra Subedi, informed that the iron structure of the bridge being constructed at Shera to connect the village municipality with the district headquarters Kawasoti was washed away by the flood. 

The work of the bridge constructed at a cost of Rs 35 million by the state government had reached its final stage. According to Chief Administrative Officer Subedi, work was underway to demolish the bridge on Thursday. 

Subedi said that millions of rupees have been lost due to the flood in the river.