Forest Minister’s plan to stop soil erosion by ‘liquid spray’!

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Forest Minister’s plan to stop soil erosion by ‘liquid spray’!

Experts are worried that the government is trying to destroy the chure after bringing in the policy of extracting stone, ballast and sand in the budget. 

Meanwhile, newly appointed Forest and Land Conservation Minister Narad Muni Rana has announced a new plan to conserve the Chure by spraying.

In an interview with online news, he said that he would use the technique of spraying ‘liquid’ to seal the soil and fill the cracks in it. “It not only reduces soil erosion, it also helps to grow new plants there and makes the chure more green.”

Minister Rana also said that he has a plan to stop the destruction of Chure and give priority to its protection. “In Australia and Germany, areas with low soils such as Chure have been conserved using such ‘liquids,’” he said.

Stating that there would be no agreement on the protection of Chure, Minister Rana said that the protection would be made effective by holding discussions with all parties. “By emphasizing new skills, methods and technologies, including land-sealing liquids, we can prevent erosion,” he said. “I will discuss more about such methods.”

What is such a liquid spray?

Disaster management expert Ranjan Dahal said that he did not understand the technology that Minister Rana was trying to convey. He said that there is a practice of spraying grass seeds to prevent soil erosion in bio-engineering.

“It’s one of the many ways of bio-engineering,” he said, “but I don’t know what kind of liquid spray the minister is referring to.”

He said that the geography of the Chure region, the nature of the soil and the erosion conditions should be used to determine whether the technology is useful or not.

“Biotechnology is not impossible, but it should be studied first whether it is possible or not,” Dahal said. “Somewhere abroad, such technology has been used. We also teach students about it.”