Former South African President Jacob Zuma surrenders to police

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Former South African President Jacob Zuma has surrendered to police after allegations of corruption surfaced. 

He surrendered, saying he was ready to serve a prison sentence in a defamation case.

Zuma, 79, surrendered in a jail near his home on Wednesday, the BBC reported.

Zuma is accused of corruption on June 29 during his nine-year tenure. He was asked by the court to present evidence at the hearing of the corruption case. 

But he was sentenced last week to 15 months in prison for disobeying the order. This is the first time a former president has been jailed in South Africa.

He refused to surrender on Sunday. Police then issued a warning that they were preparing to make an arrest, giving them until Wednesday. 

The Zuma Foundation said in a statement that it had complied with the arrest warrant.

Zuma has been accused of colluding with politicians and businessmen to influence the decision-making process during his tenure. 

However, he has been saying that there is a political conspiracy against him. 

He was forced to resign in 2018 by his own party after being embroiled in controversy.

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