The former US and Colombian soldiers involved in the assassination of Haiti’s president

Police say a group of people from the United States and Colombia was involved in the assassination of Haitian President Jovonel Moise.

According to police, the 28-member team includes 26 Colombians and two Haitians of American descent, according to Police Chief Leon Charles.

Three members of the group have been killed by police, 15 Colombians and two Americans have been arrested. Eight others are still absconding.

Haiti’s President Moise was assassinated by gunmen on Tuesday night. Moise’s wife was also shot in the attack. She is currently undergoing treatment in Florida, USA.

The mastermind of the attack has not yet been identified. On Thursday, Haitian police released some of the accused, along with their murder passports and other evidence. “Foreigners came to our country to assassinate the president,” Charles said. “We will expand the scope of our investigation and the way we search and arrest the other eight terrorists.”

The Colombian government says at least six of the accused are retired soldiers. Colombia has said it will assist Haiti in its investigation. The State Department said it did not know if any of its citizens had been arrested.

The mastermind of the attack has not yet been arrested.

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