Four reinstated Karnali MPs returned to the CPN UML

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Four lawmakers of the Karnali Provincial Assembly, who were reinstated by the Supreme Court, have returned to the CPN UML parliamentary party.

At the beginning of the state assembly meeting on Monday, Speaker Raj Bahadur Shahi announced that the four lawmakers reinstated by the Supreme Court would remain as members of the state parliamentary party.

Honorable Prakash Jwala, Amar Bahadur Thapa, Kurmaraj Shahi, and Nanda Singh Budha, who were relieved of their posts based on the letter from the UML parliamentary party, have been reinstated,” said Speaker Shahi.

Announcing the interim order issued by the Supreme Court in the name of the Provincial Assembly Secretariat, Shahi said, “As per the interim order of the Supreme Court, I would like to inform that four Hon’ble UML members of the Karnali Provincial Assembly remain as members of the state parliamentary party.”

After reading the letter, UML parliamentary party leader Yamlal Kandel warned the four reinstated lawmakers to sit in the opposition seats. Kandel said that it would not be acceptable for Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi to run the government with a UML MP.

“On the spot, we have to stop the proceedings of the parliament. Rehabilitated friends are in government. No one has the right to keep our MPs anywhere, ‘said Leader Kendall. But we are patient as long as the discussion goes on, the idea of ​​running a government with UML MPs will not be acceptable to us.

He said his party would run according to the court’s decision. Stating that he did not want to block the House, Kandel warned that the reinstated lawmakers would not remain silent until the next meeting.

Madhav Kumar, who had given a vote of confidence to Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi by crossing the floor on April 19, had resigned from the post after UML took action against four Nepali lawmakers. However, a writ petition against him was heard by the Supreme Court on Thursday.

Of the four MPs, all are ministers in the state government except Prakash Jwala. Chief Minister Shahi has appointed Kurmaraj Shahi as the Minister of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives, Nanda Singh Budha as the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment and Ammar Bahadur Thapa as the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development.

Out of 39 MPs in the Karnali Provincial Assembly, UML has 20 including the Speaker. Similarly, the UCPN (M) has 12 MPs from the Center, six from the Nepali Congress and one from the RPP.