Olympic men’s football: France defeated by Mexico

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France defeated by Mexico

Mexico’s U-23 team defeated France’s U-23 team in men’s football at the 32nd Tokyo Olympics. 

Mexico beat France 4-1 on Thursday.

Ernesto Vega, Francisco Cordova, Carlos Antuna, and Eduardo Aguirre all scored to give Mexico a victory in Group A. France’s Andr Pierre returned a goal.

Similarly, New Zealand of Group B defeated South Korea 1-0. Spain and Egypt have drawn 0-0 in Group C.

The Olympics, to be held in Tokyo, Japan, will be officially inaugurated on Friday. But the football game has started two days ago.

Why does football start before the inauguration?

The Olympics is a short competition lasting only two weeks. But, it takes a lot of time to compete in football. 

There are 26 games for women and 32 games for men in the Olympics. 

Because of that, the football team has to travel to different cities according to the game schedule. 

Therefore, it is difficult to finish the game within two weeks, so football starts before the inauguration.

Why is the U-23 team plays in Olympic football?

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Football’s own biggest competition is the FIFA World Cup. 

Therefore, there is competition between the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics to become the most important competition. 

That is why FIFA has stopped senior teams from playing in the Olympics to maintain the World Cup, the biggest football competition in the world.

In 1984, the rule was relaxed. If a player did not play in the World Cup, he would be eligible to play in the Olympics. 

To play in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, all athletes had to be under 23 years of age. 

But at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the rule was that three athletes over the age of 23 could be included. 

The same rule applies even now. This time, instead of the U-23, the U-24 team will be able to play in the Olympics. 

Athletes who could have played a year ago have been given the opportunity even now as the Olympics have been postponed for a year due to Kovid-19.

Sixteen teams, including eventual winners Brazil, will compete in the men’s Olympic football tournament, which runs from July 21 to August 7. 

Similarly, 12 teams will compete for women. 

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