Free internet connection for students in Waling Municipality

23 June 2021 15:07 PM | UPDATED 5 months ago

23 June 2021 15:07 PM

Internet connection will be free at the homes of students of Ward No. 13 of Waling Municipality of Syangja.

According to ward president Ananda Pathak, the internet service provider company is going to provide free internet connection to the homes of all the students studying in private and community schools in the ward at the initiative of the ward office.

Due to the Corona epidemic, the school is not able to conduct physical classes soon and the students have no access to the internet, so it has been decided to connect to the internet through alternative means, said Pathak. 

According to him, the decision was taken after discussion in the ward education committee.

There are five community schools and two institutional schools in the ward. According to Pathak, out of five community schools, two have classes from elementary child development to class 12 and three have up to class eight.

Institutional schools offer classes from class 1 to class 10.

 According to ward chairperson Pathak, there are about 1,500 students in these seven schools.

The monthly internet fee will be paid by the parents. According to Pathak, the connection and training workshop will be completed so that the study will start on June 29.

The decision was made by the ward after the internet service provider was ready to provide a free internet connection to all the students’ homes. From Wednesday, all school teachers will be trained to use zoom and messenger.

According to ward chairperson Pathak, the parents are happy that their children’s education will continue after connecting to the internet. He also said that the fee will be given to needy parents who are unable to pay the fee.

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