50+ Unique and Funny Among Us Names to use as your Gamertag

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Funny Among Us Names, With their amusing Among Us names, several players have revealed their creative side. Here’s a list of some of them! Choose from any of them for your offline or online games.

Are you looking for a nickname among the Funny Among Us? You’ve arrived at the right location! Among Us is a fantastic game that features crew members and impostors. It’s a lot of fun to play with strangers, but it’s much more enjoyable with friends.

Funny Among Us Names

We’ve covered a variety of strategies for winning the game, including map layouts, secret hints, and more. But there is one element that adds a little pleasure to the game: having a hilarious Among Us name.

Funny Among Us Names

You may modify your name to whatever you want, and most gamers, especially in a game like this, enjoy having strange usernames. So, here’s a list of the 80 Funniest Among Us names for your character to choose from.

The following names make statements like ” was the Impostor” or ” was not the Impostor” even more amusing. Others, on the other hand, make debates extremely perplexing in the most amusing way possible. Take a look at them below.

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  1. Impostor
  2. Your Mom (Yo Mama) or Your Dad
  3. Not Impostor
  4. Vote Me
  5. Your Boi
  6. Wasnt Me
  7. Some Nerd
  8. Dude I (‘Dude I was not the Impostor’)
  9. Told you I (‘Told you I was not the Impostor’)
  10. Someone
  11. Lil Sus or Pretty Sus or Kinda Sus
  12. No One or Nobody
  13. DontKillMe
  14. Not Me
  15. Impasta
  16. Bob
  17. Crewmate
  18. Covid
  19. Where
  20. Who???
  21. Idk
  22. HowToVent
  23. Trust Me
  24. Skip (Don’t panic if others say ‘Not enough evidence, let’s just skip’…or should you?)
  25. Blue (Or pick any color that is not the color of your character. Watch the chaos ensue!
  26. Your Ex
  27. Me (When someone says ‘Vote Me’, they might get voted out instead of you who is ‘Me’!)
  28. Blank Name or Invisible Name
  29. Alien
  30. You fools I (‘You fools I was not the Impostor’)
  31. IDoTasks
  32. CyanSus
  33. WohnJick
  34. Babayaga
  35. SawYou
  36. Dead
  37. OkBoomer
  38. Innocent
  39. Simp
  40. Shawty
  41. PlsNo
  42. Bruh I
  43. Dot Name
  44. I Lied I
  45. RedVented
  46. YesItMe
  47. KillMe1st
  48. PlzKill
  49. NoName
  50. NoCap
  51. GoodVibes
  52. I Wish I
  53. ItsYou
  54. AFK
  55. DedInElec
  56. DoingTask
  57. ImCyan
  58. John Cena
  59. YourBuddy
  60. NotCyan
  61. JoeExotic
  62. Stonks
  63. Spoopy4U
  64. TheSheriff
  65. Vigilante
  66. FallGuys
  67. FartBomb
  68. ImBlue
  69. ImBaby
  70. Gewggle
  71. NotVillain
  72. NiceGuy
  73. WhoDat
  74. Air
  75. Jester
  76. Phantom
  77. Ninja
  78. ImPure
  79. NotGuilty
  80. DaFelon

Get Among Us

Among Us, which was released in 2018, has become a worldwide hit. It stands out as a game in its own right. The number of players is growing every day. Last month was a huge success for InnerSloth LLC, the creators of the popular game Among Us, who dominated the market by soaring their game downloads.

It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular action games on mobile devices right now, so popular that the developers had to cancel a planned sequel! The game puts players against one another in a game that makes them question their friends’ actual nature. However, there are other methods to spice things up, one of which is to use interesting and amusing in-game names.

Among Us is about

Players are divided into two teams in Among Us, a murder mystery game. They are assigned to either the role of Human Crewmate or Alien Impostors (max 3). The Impostors must kill the Crewmates quietly in order to prevent their fellow humans from accomplishing their responsibilities.

The Crewmates are tasked with identifying the impostors via problem-solving and conversation, while the impostors must avoid suspicion. Furthermore, if the entire crew completes their tasks ahead of schedule, they win the round.

To kick the impostors, you must first locate and report a dead body, or you can use the emergency button if you suspect someone based on his movement on the map. Then persuade others to vote out the individual you’re suspicious of, which is where the tough part begins.

If the votes are correct, there will be one less impostor, but if they are incorrect, you and the rest of the crew have just aided the impostor by removing somebody innocent. Meetings are the best part of the game because of this. The suspense of not knowing who to believe and then having to establish your innocence is what makes Among Us so enjoyable.