Gandaki state government hands Vehicles to state police

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Gandaki state

The Gandaki state government has handed over vehicles to the state police office and its subordinate offices. 

The government provided four essential Tata pickup vans and a bus for the police on Thursday.

Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali Pokhrel handed over the keys of the vehicle to Gandaki State Police Chief Deputy Inspector General Divesh Lohani.

It is believed that the vehicles provided by the government will facilitate the flow of effective police services and help in ensuring peace, security and tranquility among the common people.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Nepali said that the state government was determined to solve the problems of the police as empowerment was essential to make the police efficient, organized and capable.

He said, “Peace and order and good governance are the basis of success and failure of the government.

The government is committed to simplify the service flow by providing resources to the police.”

Deputy Inspector General of Police Lohani briefed the Chief Minister on the state police structure and administrative activities, police work and peace and security situation, disaster management and COVID-19 management, crime control, and other issues.

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