Melamchi Bazaar

Garbage piles up around Melamchi Bazaar

Melamchi Bazaar Garbage: City dwellers are in trouble after the Melamchi Municipality stopped collecting garbage. 

The recent unimaginable floods have damaged some houses in the Pulbazar and Peopleboat areas and some houses have been filled with sand. 

Due to the dense population, garbage is also coming out more.

The municipality has been collecting garbage two days a week in the past but it has come to a standstill after the Melamchi-Indravati floods. 

While the municipality was preparing for waste management by constructing a garbage processing center, the floods did not even name the center. 

Entrepreneur Prakash Dahal said that the market has become foul-smelling due to a lack of garbage management. He said that there was an urgent need to make arrangements for garbage collection.

Due to the lack of garbage management in hotels, vegetable shops, grocery stores, and households, the Kharekhola of Melamchi and the surrounding areas of the market are full of garbage. 

Pollution has increased due to some people dumping the garbage. 

Nawaraj Dulal, a local, informed that people are reluctant to sit in the market due to the burning of plastic products.

At present, the municipality has not been able to focus on other works while working with high priority to return the river to its old course and protect the riverside settlements. 

Mayor Dambar Aryal informed that a place is being sought for waste management with long-term thinking. He said, “The municipality is adamant that something should be done immediately, even if only temporarily.”

Recently, drinking water, waste management, and health vigilance have become a challenge in Melamchi. 

It is said that if this is not taken care of in time, there will be a high risk of infection of Kovid-19 and water-borne diseases.

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