Gautam Buddha International Airport in preparation for the test flight

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Gautam Buddha International Airport

The Gautam Buddha International Airport under construction has reached the final stage of preparation for the test flight. 

Now that the technical work of the airport has been completed, the test flight is being prepared.

According to the project chief entry officer of Gautam Buddha International Airport, the work of the external structure of the airport has been completed and only the work of equipment safety check is left inside.
 “We are preparing for the calibration flight,” he said.

Calibration flight is to check whether the exchange of information between the airport ground and the ship is correct. 

For this, there is a five / seven-seater aircraft and it flies around the airport. 

During the flight, all the information including antenna, a signal receiver, lighting, communication is tested to see if it is correct.

Other ships start taking off and landing only after all the singles and information on the calibration flight look correct. 

An agreement has been reached with AeroThai for a calibration flight at Gautam Buddha Airport. 

The timing of the test flight will depend on the Aerothai. 

The test flight has been delayed due to the Corona epidemic.

Basically, three levels of work have been completed in the construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport. 

Work worth Rs. 6.82 billion has been done under the first international bidding (ICB-1). 

Under the second international tender (ICB II), the work of Rs. 500 million and the third compensation distribution has been Rs. 22.40 billion.

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