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Genius Messenger CRM is a browser based CRM for Facebook Messenger.

A browser-based CRM for Facebook Messenger is called Genius Messenger CRM. In other words, if you use your personal profile to connect with prospects, you’re about to access the most potent tool available to automate lead nurturing, manage sales pipelines, stay in touch with clients, and basically transform your Facebook account from a disorganized waste of time into a super organized and efficient sales tool.

Everything required to optimize and arrange a Sales Pipeline on Facebook Messenger is provided by Genius Messenger CRM.
Everything required to organize and enhance a Facebook Sales Pipeline is provided by Genius Messenger CRM.

Genius messenger CRM

Find a prospect’s position in the sales pipeline without having to sift through messages any longer. There is no longer a need to repeatedly input the same stuff or copy and paste text and links to leads. You no longer need to worry who you have appointments with, when to call them, or when to send a follow-up message.

Track leads: Without ever leaving Messenger, the integrated CRM for that platform will maintain tabs on all prospects and leads.

Each Facebook Friend can be assigned the appropriate label, such as a prospect, lead, hot lead, client, friend, family member, etc., using unique color-coded labels. Never again miss a Messenger sale by keeping track of everyone who has ever messaged you!

Sort by Labels and by the most recent message sender.

Every contact should have Custom Tags.

Schedule Notifications: You can quickly schedule reminder notifications inside Messenger and receive a browser notification, or you can send the notification via a webhook and have it appear on your preferred calendar.

Automate: Quickly identify the phrases that are frequently typed and add them to the chat window with a click by using personalized Canned Responses. Anywhere within a Canned Response, you can add emojis and customize the contact’s name.

synchronization between computers – information is kept in our database so that any computer logged into that account can view it.

fields for entering your phone number and email, if you like to.

Webhooks: Sync with your CRM, text marketing software, email autoresponder, calendar, and other applications as needed.

You can save time by setting voice chat listening speeds that are convenient for you.

Never lose another lead again with the help of this addon, which will also keep you organized and save you tons of time.

What is Genius Messenger CRM Partnership?

clever messenger CRM is a Facebook Messenger extension for Google Chrome. Anyone who uses Facebook to communicate with customers and close deals needs to have this tool. Essentially, it transforms your standard Facebook Messenger into a fully functional CRM and sales pipeline!

You can effortlessly manage your sales process by using a color-coded sales funnel created with Genius Messenger CRM! Leads may be tagged, canned replies can be made, notes can be added for each contact, emails and phone numbers can be collected, follow-up alerts can be scheduled, and much more.

After you join the partner program, you can sell Genius Messenger CRM and develop your own offers around it in addition to using it for personal use.

That’s correct! You will have some incredible new tools to utilize in your own business and provide to whomever you choose after joining the Genius Messenger CRM alliance. Genius Messenger CRM will increase your Facebook effectiveness, plus you’ll be able to retain all of the money you make from selling the program!

Genius Messenger CRM Partnership Benefits

One of the main tools I utilized to grow my business on Facebook organically was Genius Messenger CRM. You can utilize the same resources I used to expand my company to a $5k/month level and keep 100% of the profits you make as a reseller partner by joining the Genius Messenger CRM relationship.

Genius Messenger CRM Partnership

The Genius Messenger CRM partnership essentially converts you from a user to a SaaS owner. You can join as a partner to access our network and resources and quickly catch up! One of the biggest features of Genius Messenger CRM is that it meets a genuine demand for Facebook business owners. As a partner, you also receive passive revenue and virtually limitless earning possibilities.

What if this was the only benefit you received from the partnership? In all honesty, it would still be a fantastic opportunity. But hold on, you also receive the following when you register for the Genius Messenger CRM partnership:

  1. The Partner Program for the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension
  2. The Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs Plus Bonus Rights The Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library
  3. Library of CF Share Funnels plus Bonus Rights
  4. Using Genius Connector For Automated Facebook Outreach.
  5. Legendary Leads is responsible for both inbound and outbound marketing.

Your business will grow and you will save a ton of time thanks to the Genius Messenger CRM integration.

For Whom is the Genius Messenger CRM Partnership For?

This partner program might be for you if you are currently an agency owner, affiliate marketer, coach, consultant, real estate agent, or utilize Facebook to grow your business.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m one of Genius Messenger CRM’s founding partners. I say this because over the past two years, I have invested a HEAVY amount of time in online, company, and software marketing. Finding the proper offer, tools and training from those who have been there and done that is your BEST SHOT at long term success.

Genius Messenger CRM Partnership

No matter where you are in your journey, it is AMAZING to be able to join the Genius Messenger CRM collaboration and advance your marketing! You’ll have a tested, in-demand software asset to capitalize on and increase your recurring monthly income.

Additionally, the Genius Messenger CRM collaboration is not just for you if you want to improve your own marketing efficiency and use Messenger to follow up with customers and seal deals. However, you want to make these high-value software tools available to your customers as an upsell, order boost, or lead magnet. again, watch your leads, sales, and profits rise as a result of this!

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