How to get rid of mosquitoes this summer

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Mosquitoes bites in summer

Mosquitoes are the biggest problem after the rainy season. The sound of mosquitoes and bites disturbs sleep at night. 

So how to avoid mosquito bites?

Mosquito bites and noises prevent you from sleeping at night. It can also transmit the disease to the human body by biting an infected person or animal. 

Therefore, there is a fear that mosquitoes can spread many diseases in summer. In this way, mosquitoes can be repelled through the following measures.

1. Mosquitoes spread frozen waste through water. Therefore, all frozen water sources should be filled.

2. Frozen water in the rain, washed water, mosquitoes can lay eggs in frozen places, so such water should not be allowed to freeze around the house.

3. When the water freezing area is cleaned, the spread of mosquitoes is reduced.

4. Before evening, windows, doors or any ventilator should be closed.

5. If it is not possible to close all open holes for mosquitoes to enter the house, a net should be installed.

6. The simplest and most appropriate way to avoid mosquito bites is to use a mosquito net. If you sleep inside the mandatory sleeping bag at night, you can avoid tokai.

7. Camphor can also be used to repel mosquitoes by burning it. If all the windows and doors are closed for a while by burning camphor in the room, the room will be mosquito free.

8. As mint or its oil has insecticidal properties, planting mint around the house and sprinkling its juice on windows and doors eliminates mosquito infections.

9. Mosquito incense, electric incense, etc. can be used to avoid mosquitoes.

10. In addition, the use of Odomus and electric bat can also be avoided. In collaboration with various agencies

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