Ghorahi sub-metropolitan buying garbage from house to house

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Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan has started buying garbage from house to house. Locals are stunned after money started coming in from used bottles and gutkha shells. 

Preparations for the production of gas and manure from melting waste have been brought to the final stage and non-melting waste has been procured and reused.

A few months ago, the sub-metropolitan government, which had informed about the purchase of garbage by mobilizing sanitation volunteers, has started buying garbage at the homes of the citizens since last Friday. 

Sita Roka, the manager of Jaljala Hotel in Ghorahi-14 New Bus Park, was being harassed by the garbage management.

Every morning, garbage was collected and sent to the sub-metropolitan area. Roka, who was selling garbage for the first time, got Rs. 205 for 20 kg of garbage. She is happy to earn income from the garbage produced by the hotel.

Competition to sell garbage has been going on since this year after adopting the policy of buying garbage in the sub-metropolis. 

The sub-metropolis had started purchasing garbage from last April with the budget of the current fiscal year. Chief of the Sub-Metropolitan Environment and Sanitation Division Laxman Adhikari informed that garbage worth Rs. 20,000 has been purchased so far.

 This program has been put forward under the campaign to make the sub-metropolis plastic-free.

The sub-metropolitan government has set a rate of Rs. 10 per kg for soft polythene including plastic bottles, Rs. 5 per kg for cloth, Rs. 2 per kg for tobacco plastic waste.

The sludge purchased in this way will be used for biogas and the non-sludge waste will be sold in coordination with the industries, said Chaudhary.