Girl Slicing Thigh Open On Tiktok, Find The Full Video & Twitter Reaction

Girl Slicing Thigh Open On Tiktok


Tiktok has a video of a girl slashing her thigh apart. Take a look at how people reacted to her haircut on Twitter.

Girl Slicing Thigh Open On Tiktok

I’m not sure why people think it’s attractive and cool to promote self-harm by naming it that.

Whatever stuff people submit is always available on the Internet. Some venues may filter it, while others, such as Reddit and Twitter, do not.

Surprisingly, a video of a female cutting her leg open is getting viral on TikTok and Twitter these days. Despite their opposition to such behaviour, some people think it’s cool and are doing everything they can to promote and encourage it.

However, despite the fact that it has gone viral and is being discussed on Reddit and Twitter, some of us may have no idea what others are talking about.

So, let’s clear up the misunderstanding.

Girl Slicing Thigh Open On Tiktok

An anonymous account on TikTok slashed her thigh open without displaying her face a while back. The video became viral almost immediately, prompting other people to comment on it.

Despite this, TikTok lost no time in removing the post, but the reactions may still be found on the platform.

People have, on the other hand, started debates about the video on Twitter and Reddit.

Some people claim that self-harm provides them pleasure, while others claim that it is a result of their anxiety and stress.

Find The Full Video On The Internet

Although we are unable to put the video on his site, you may still find it on Reddit.

And, as previously said, the reaction videos may be found on TikTok.

Twitter Reaction Explored

Reddit, more than Twitter, is a good place to look for genuine reactions.

Self-harm and other disturbing behaviours have generated a lot of talk on social media.

Even if they are not in favour of self-harm, they do it for the sake of being cool.