Givanildo V. De Sousa Announces Baby With Wife Camila De Souza, Here Is More On The Twisted Family Dynamics

givanildo v de sousa announces baby with wife camila de souza here is more on the twisted family dynamics

Givanildo V. De Sousa, better known as Hulk, is married to Camila De Souza, a niece of his former wife. Learn more about their connection.

Givanildo V. De Sousa & Camila De SouzaGivanildo V. De Sousa & Camila De Souza

Givanildo V. De Sousa & Camila De Souza

Givanildo V. De Sousa is known in soccer circles as the Hulk because of his muscular body.

Hulk has a super-powerful long shot, incredible agility, a good and balanced gameplay style, and great stamina.

He had two spells at European clubs, Porto and Zenit Petersburg, between 2008 and 2016.

Both of these clubs have scored more than 50 goals in fewer than 100 appearances.

Hulk was a poacher as well as a clinical/precise finisher.

Many prominent European clubs in the Top 5 leagues have identified him as a transfer target.

Meanwhile, he was a member of the Brazilian national soccer team, making 49 appearances and scoring 11 goals.

Hulk moved from Shanghai SIPG to Atletico Mineiro, a Brazilian team, in 2021.

Who Is Givanildo V. De Sousa’s Wife Camila De Souza?

Hulk’s second wife, Camila De Souza, has been married to Givanildo V. De Sousa.

Camila is the daughter of Hulk’s first wife, Iran Angelo’s sister (her own niece).

Hulk cheated on his 12-year-old wife with her own niece, revealing their new relationship on social media and in the press.

Camila, the niece of Hulk’s ex wife Iran, visited China while Hulk was playing professional football for Shanghai SIPG.

They began a fling, and as their relationship grew stronger, they decided to spread the news of their love affair.

Camila was just 19 years old when she first met Hulk, who was 21 at the time.

Now 35 years old and married to Camila, the Brazilian power forward and sniper is still going strong.

From his former marriage with Iran Angelo, Hulk had three children: Ian, Tiago, and Alice.

What Is Givanildo V. De Sousa’s New Baby Name?

After his second wife Camila Angelo gave birth to the couple’s firstborn child, Givanildo V. De Sousa aka Hulk has become a father once more.

Camila’s pregnancy was disclosed in September, and Hulk’s daughter Zaya De Sousa was born in a Miami hospital.

Givanildo V. De Sousa’s Ex-Wife Iran Angelo Today-Whereabouts Explained

Following her divorce from Hulk, Iran Angelo, Givanildo V. De Sousa’s ex-wife, is currently single.

When Hulk was married, he admitted to cheating on his wife Iran, but it was never with Camila.

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