Gold Coast’s Underwater Rollercoaster April Fools Joke Flops A Day Early

Gold Coast Underwater Rollercoaster

Gold Coast Underwater Rollercoaster: Whether it’s a kid or an adult everyone loves to enjoy the ride on roller coasters. Strapped to a seat and riding in an adventure, the roller coasters are something you always ache about. It is common to want to steer yourself up and down in the air. How about some experience inside the water. Gold Coast Underwater RollerCoaster is something you might have banged into in the social media or TikTok videos. Even this word itself must bring at least some small excitement into your adventure plan. Keep on reading to know more about it. Follow More Update On

Gold Coast Underwater Rollercoaster

What Is Gold Coast Underwater RollerCoaster?

A Roller coaster is the most common thing a person can prefer whenever visiting an amusement park. Irrelevant to age, everyone once has experienced that itch while riding through up and down the air tides. The usual roller coaster no doubt brings a lot of excitement. In order to add to the fun part, what if you could hold your breath tied to the tie underwater?

That is what the Gold Coast Underwater proposal is all about. The sensation of adventure and fear that could bring the best out of your tedious life. Australia has always been a gateway spot and customary vacation place for several throughout the globe. From the traditional Sydney House Opera in the heart of the country to the Broome in the western part, you can never get sufficient visits.

Who could neglect the ever glowing beaches and oh yes, the great barrier reef? And now, Destination Gold Coast has a new adventure for you. The roller coaster goes down 40 meters into the ocean and kicks go back on. The idea itself should get your heartbeats racing.

Gold Coast Underwater Rollercoaster: Announced On 31st March

Well, I did describe how the roller coaster works but could it be possible to let tourists be exposed underwater for up to 40 meters? Well, that is when Twitter and the theories of the users of social media come in. Several believe this is some kind of prank thanks to the deceleration date of 31st of March 2022. Gold Coast Bulletin reports it is a made-up story. Sorry to disappoint you but it is a prank after all.

But, watching into the realm of possibility, Destination Gold Coast has also declared that the plan is in place. Internal sources even believe the roller coaster should be up and running in the year 2023.

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