5 ventilators and 10 ICU beds to be facilitated at GP Koirala Respiratory Treatment Centre

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The Federal Government has granted Rs 90 million for the GP Koirala Respiratory Treatment Centre in the Tanahun district, which will be used to expand facilities for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The Centre will update its health care services for the administration of ventilators, ICU beds, oxygen plant setup, and oxygen tank with financial help from the Federal Government.

The Ministry of Finance recently planned to spend more than Rs 2.95 billion on 26 hospitals and nine provincial hospitals across the country.

It is reported that Rs 60 million will be used to manage five ventilators and ten ICU beds, as well as additional sums for an oxygen plant and an oxygen tank.

Dr Ram Kumar Shrestha, Executive Director of the Centre, stated that financial help from the Federal Government will increase the Centre’s capacity to treat more patients.

Similarly, the Finance Ministry has decided to spend Rs 3 million for the development of an oxygen plant at Damauli Hospital.

Previously, the Gandaki Province Government had contributed Rs 7.5 million to Damauli Hospital for the establishment of the oxygen plant.

The Chairman of the Hospital Development Committee, Pradip Raj Adhikari, stated that the equipment required for the establishment of an oxygen plant was obtained from India even during the prohibitory order. Every day, the oxygen plant at Damauli Hospital can produce ten cylinders of oxygen.

Meanwhile, an 81-year-old Shukla Gandaki Municipality-5 resident died of COVID-19 on Monday due to a paucity of ICU beds at the GP Koirala Respiratory Treatment Centre.