Gulmi’s Ridi-Rudrabeni road blocked due to a landslide

27 August 2021 10:52 AM | UPDATED 3 months ago

27 August 2021 10:52 AM

The landslide along with incessant rains has blocked the Ridi-Rudrabeni road in Gulmi.

Constable Jagat Khanal of the temporary traffic police post, Ridi said that the road section was blocked due to falling stones and mud from the road at Wadanambar-2 Saghure.

Khanal said that there was a problem in opening the road as landslides were falling continuously.

The vehicle (Dha 1 Cha 146) heading towards Rudrabeni from Butwal got stuck at the landslide site.

Police Constable Khanal said that the vehicle was taken out to a safe place using an excavator. Vehicles and passengers on both sides are stranded on the road after the road was blocked.

The Ridi-Rudrabeni road of the district is considered a busy road. Vehicles go to Gulmi district and neighboring district Baglung through the same road. With the incessant rains, most of the rural unpaved roads in the district have been damaged.

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