Gurja Khola has started flowing

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Gurja Khola Lake in Dhawalagiri Gaonpalika-1 of Myagdi, which was blocked by the landslide, has started flowing naturally.

Gurja’s ward chairman Zak Bahadur Chhantyal informed that the river, which was blocked by a landslide at Khasta in Gurja on Saturday afternoon, has been overflowing since last night.

“The lake is full and flowing from above,” he said. “We walked to the landslide site this morning to study the risk situation.” Precautions have been taken as there is a risk of flooding and erosion in the coastal area in case of sudden bursting of the lake.

The Gurjakhola is a tributary of the Myagdi River at the foot of the Gurja Himal. 

Gurjakhola joins the Myagdi River at Dhaulagiri-4 Mudi. 

The Myagdi River flows into the district headquarters Beni and joins the Kaligandaki. You have to walk two hours from Gurja to reach the place where the river is blocked by a landslide. 

Farmers who had gone to work in a field blocked by a landslide in a narrow gorge on both sides had reported the incident.

There is no way to reach the landslide site and the lake. Farmers have reported seeing from a distance. The river had dried up for some time. 

The Myagdi River flows through Dhawalagiri, Malika, Mangala, and Beni municipalities. Deputy Superintendent of Police Shyam Kumar Rai said that vigilance has been requested in all the four local level coastal settlements.

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