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Kathmandu. Hair & Peace Unisex Salon is busy all year round. New Baneshwor is also a common Jackson gathering place for friends and colleagues. People who come to shop for everything from clothes to vegetables keep this chowk moving. After turning towards Old Baneshwor from this chowk, you can find iplex mall. After climbing the second floor, you can see Hair and Peace.

It is a brand for hair decoration and overall beauty. In Nepal, Hair and Peace, which started from Kamaladi in Kathmandu, has now spread to Narayanghat via Durbar Marg, Thamel and Jawalakhel. The last branch of this is the branch at New Baneshwor.

Hair & Peace has expanded its eighth branch here targeting all classes of customers. However, it has not been long since Hair and Peace came into operation in Nepal, it has been almost five years. But in that time it became popular among the customers.

Rupa Shakya says that Hair & Peace has won the hearts of its customers due to its quality cosmetics and equipment, fast service and skilled manpower. He is also a hair stylist and manager of Baneshwor branch. Shakya says, “Only after analyzing the customer’s needs, the nature of their hair or skin, do we know what to do.”

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Shakya says that the customers are confident as they provide suitable service according to the nature of the customer’s hair and skin.

Hair & Peace is also said to be using beauty products according to the nature of the face and skin and hair. Hair & Peace has been using only branded cosmetics like Laurel, Matrix, Lotus, Kasmara, Aroma, Edo, Protek.

“At the same time, we have skilled, experienced and creative manpower,” says Shakya.

New Waneshwor-based Hair & Peace offers services ranging from complete hair decoration to keratin, skin care, manicure and pedicure.

Hair and Peace has started from Delhi, the capital of India. Launched in 2001 under the name ‘Harry and Peace’, it won the hearts of customers in a short time. It has 12 stores in India.

Photo: Shankar Giri / Online News

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